Ah, cloudy but clear!

Thankfully, we got a clear day and could venture out for a walk and leg stretch. The park time is being missed since everything is wet. Hopefully that will be possible soon too!

The coughs are growing for some and waning for others. The flu this season is quite nasty so please continue to keep the children eating well, warmly attired, resting and continue to support the basic hygiene of covering coughs and sneezes in a napkin or elbow/upper arm. They should wash hands after nose wipes as they do at school. These are good lifelong habits.

It has been a busy start with 2 parent visits, one that converted into a toddler waitlisted for July-Sept timeframe and another that I await to learn next steps on...it could potentially add another toddler in the morning half and pair well with Ria. This addition if it pans will make it a full house until license capacity update is cleared. I am hoping that the license capacity update cloudiness also clears by Q1 end.

Until tomorrow.







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