Yippee Says Raisa!!

Our heartiest congratulations to Sanika, Nitin and Raisa. Their baby girl was delivered on Friday. Per Nitin, mom and baby were doing well. We hope both continue to get stronger and we await some captures of the baby with her proud and beaming older sister. Enjoy the updated family...each day won’t come back.

There was much talk of babies in the classroom on Friday. Raisa was going to be an older sister like Alexandra. The others wished to be older sisters too and get a baby. I told them they were the baby sisters :) Babies are wonderful and remind us of one’s own time, that bundle of joy and miraculous growth! 

Outdoor time was shortened by the drizzle that started. It was very light and we returned in less than 20 mins. Kids experienced some light wetness on their jackets and as a child said, it was fun to experience the rain!

We made pancakes and eanjoyed eating them while watching the drizzle/rain.

Heads up...significant rain is expected on Monday through Tuesday so please anticipate more traffic and drive safe. We will remain indoors. January is finally bringing the winter rains...good for us.

See you all on Monday.






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