Earthquake Preparedness

The 4.3 magnitude earthquake in Berkeley yesterday night was a reminder that we live on faultlines. I hope yesterday’s tremors got us a few more years of shake free living!

Earthquake and fire drills were on the cards and today we took the opportunity to make children a little knowledgeable and familiar with what earthquakes are. The plan is to execute a DROP, COVER and HOLD ON earthquake drill in the classroom at group time tomorrow as part of having the childrenbe prepared on what to do. It is not considered safe anymore to stand under door frames. Going under furniture or being on a bed with pillow(s) protecting your head/body are recommended.

As shared:

1. If any quake comes when inside the house, we will go under the tables following the DROP, COVER, HOLD ON drill. 2. If outside, we will ensure we are in a clear area. 3. On emergency evacuation of house if needed, we will all be in the Gazebo Park. 4. Secondary emergency evacuation area if we can’t be at the Gazebo Park is Redwood Shores Elementary School.

The children may talk about earthquakes or be concerned about them. Do share real information with them in a language that they can relate. Assure them that between school and family, they will be safe and cared for. We shared that earthquakes are actually occurring all the time but are so small that we can’t feel them. It is only once in a while that they are strong and we are glad that yesterday’s was not. It made us feel shocked, worried, angry to be shaken up but we are happy that we can laugh still instead of sad since nothing was hurt. Some earthquakes can hurt people and things.

I hope you saw the video shared with the kids too. It was short and demonstration was done to simulate a shaking. They are young but processed the information well especially the older 2.

Until tomorrow.






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