Rainy Day 3!

After many many sunny days, finally we are seeing some decent rain...not thrilling for the kids given they had to stay indoors today. 

For some kids, the rainy cloudy weather was soporific and I had to wake the sleepers by 3:40 pm.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Soup was an ideal meal for the weather. We made up for the lack of outdoor time with painting and the children helped assemble the cheese sandwiches for grilling.

Ria is settling in well and watches all the older kids vigilantly or spends her time perusing the shelves for her next activity. She sure is making all the kids realize that they are older than her...a span of 1.25+ years. Much time was spent on the lunch table noting and recognizing their abilities and wishing and wondering how quickly they can become as old as Teacher Vrinda, Mommy and Daddy. They along with me also encourage Ria to try and eat instead of refusing to try...’Yes, Ria..eat...look I am eating!’ :)

Until tomorrow. Here is a capture of the self art work today.







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