It is good to be back in the classroom and hear the familiar chatter. 

A warm welcome to Ria and the Arya family into Avid Kids Circle. It was great to have her join after the holiday as a full time student with negligible unease. She comfortably and with familiarity went about the routines during the day. The children remembered she will be joining and were happy to see her.

Today morning between 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, the classroom was also supported by Teacher Nani. Jayden joined in given public school is off this week. All kids were quick to familiarize and play. Teacher Nani will continue to join us in the mornings barring when she is off later in the month on a planned vacation.

All in all, it was a great first day back. Teacher Vrinda is happy to resume work with her crew. We took an easier day today and slowly will build back up on our work. The children wanted to play with each other after the little hiatus. 

See you all tomorrow and more.







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