Happy Holidays!

To think that I did not know any of you till 6 months ago!

Each day makes me convinced and committed that the decision to return to teaching especially preschoolers was the right one for me. In the last week I am also convinced that adding in the 1.5+ toddler component is also the right one. When Ria did now show up today, each child asked where she was. She came just for outdoor time so she goes through the routine of coming and leaving one more time.

Thank you for including me in your families and for trusting me with your most precious possessions. While I can never be you, as a substitute this program will always do its best to provide children a place and people they grow to trust, love or learn with.

Have a wonderful holiday time and a very happy new year to each of you! May you all be surrounded by friends, family, love and cheer. As we ring out and ring in another year in our own corners, may the moments be cherished.

I look forward to resuming the 2nd half of this school year on January 2, 2018. The plan is for Teacher Nani to start to join daily in the mornings (barring planned vacation) especially as I allocate time for completing Practicum. I will also be backed by my sister and mom-dad until June on the family side. Each person is a current or retired educator who loves being with children which is key. I am grateful for all the help and support from each you and my family in this journey.

See you all in the new year.







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