Can we stretch!

So what do we do in our stretches?

1. Around and Around: Legs apart, arms out, rotate around from the hip to the left and right.

2. Side-Down Jumping Jacks: Hop to spread your legs and open arms wide and hop back to put feet together and arms to the side

3. Up-Side Jumping Jacks: Put hands up with feet together and then hop to spread legs and open arms wide

4. Forward Windmill: Rotate arms together forward

5. Backward Windmill: Rotate arms together to the back

6. Bird Squat: Squat on your feet and out hands under the chin imitating a bird sitting

7. Doggie Kneel-Cat Arch: We get in crawl position kneeling on hands and knees and then the lift knees and back to arch like cats

8. Leg Stretch: Put legs in front of us and then bend to touch our toes and back to resting hands on knees

9. Ankle Rotate Out: Rotate our ankles outside to inside

10. Ankle Rotate In: Rotate our ankles inside out.

The children are starting to get them and some are harder but they seem to like these for now. From time to time, they build or variate but as is typical of this age, they like routines and don’t like to miss any :)

See you all tomorrow!






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