Moments to Cherish

December 14, 2017

It was a fun day today with many moments to cherish. Hope you caught some of them on the video/pictures.

Aria-Alexandra shared their bikes with Avni-Vani during outdoor time for a little. From not pedaling at all, few weeks on the trike were enough to get the motion and it translated to biking! 4 cyclists in 5.5 months and it is all attributable to the powers of ‘exposire’, ‘can do’ and ‘practice’. It’s lovely to hear kids use the word ‘practice’ in their vocabulary for repeating an exercise realizing that it makes them better. Avni-Vani certainly want to join the biking club...they are ready :)

The lunch table conversation today was another moment to cherish where Ria who was not wanting to eat grilled cheese sandwich bites was told “Eat, we try everything and eat everything here, right Teacher Vrinda?”. They may well be humoring me here and I know they can be more willful at home but they truly do try everything and vocalize.

“We love banana bread”, “I liked the soup”, “Could we have broccoli”, “I like Idli...can we make that again”, “I like kebab a lot”, “Yeah...we are going to make cake today”. These are cherished sounds of our classroom. Today we made brownies in the evening which was very much enjoyed.

One recent ongoing lesson for all kids is to learn to speak directly when something is bothering rather than asking for intervention right away. This is an important lesson. It manifests in simple things like “Teacher Vrinda, x is kicking me”, “Teacher Vrinda, y bumped me”. The lesson is starting to work. I am starting to hear “x, please don’t kick me”, “y, you bumped me”, “sorry”. Small yeah :)

What a journey this is. To hear a 20 month old just use single words like ‘ball’, try to say ‘mat’ while by 30 months kids are rattling sentences is incredible. Our neural development especially at these young ages is the biggest wonder. Even in 1 week, our youngest one settled in quickly and is vocalizing. It was her first afternoon sleepover and full day at school today. She did very well and is ready for full day here as desired. The supportive children have been little leaders showing their skills to Ria to emulate and how to play with the objects that fascinate her. The mixed age in action over this week has made for many cherishable moments.

To tomorrow and growth! In case you are wondering, this is a pine tree on our walk where all the needle tips are turning brown.



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