Goofing About!

Today was a super fast eating day so the kids got extra time and there was much goofing about the classroom pre-nap. The early eaters get to lay out the rest mats for all. That is a job that is highly desired by each child. After laying out mats, a game of playing ghost ensued where ghost player hid behind a blanket chasing others. The kids were in their element joining in or being a spectator. I needed to finally end the game amidst groans to kick off rest time. ‘Teacher Vrinda, we are having so much fun!’

Each day this week, they are enjoying their favorite lunch items and the meals are certainly going faster. They tried to guess what they will eat tomorrow...let’s see how they react to the meal.

Raisa is being missed these last 2 days and we look forward to her return tomorrow. I am sure there will be some extra goofing about to make up.

We have been talking about the upcoming holidays...Teacher Vrinda flying to India and back. While the parent and family time will be great, Avid Kids will be missed! The kids are used to being together over the last few months and I am curious to see what their take on the break is :)

Meanwhile, we have 3 more days to enjoy! See you tomorrow.






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