Play Dough, Park, Mac n Cheese

Those were the top 3 enjoyments for the day. 

On hearing ‘I am making animal names’ when working with play dough, Teacher Vrinda was a bit puzzled but then realized that animal names are just animals :) While there was a Rudolph making project, it got 1 taker while the rest preferred to play with dough. We will give it another try tomorrow.

We had not been to the Green Park in a little bit so it was enjoyed to the fullest today. There were leaps being tried under supervision by some along with slides and the children had to eventually be taken back after many extra time allowances. 

Mac n Cheese was polished off fairly quickly and the crew now eats lettuce leaves like rabbits. They take the inside full leaf and like to crunch on it.

Our newest and youngest addition to be is now fully acclimatized to the morning routines and barring separation tears, she was playful and alert all morning, enjoying individual play and kids company until lunch. The children were happy to see her go about her play and Teacher Vrinda gives them all a thumbs up!

Until tomorrow!






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