Happy Friday!

It has been a good week to end in having Ria assimilated. Overall she has added an interesting dimension for the children in the classroom. She will be joining Mon-Wed next week with the goal to expose her to lunch and nap hour. If we cross the afternoon eats and rest then we would have tried a full day schedule which is desired in the longer run. It is valuable to try and plan from the experience. The older children are certainly enjoying showing Ria how to go about the classroom...it’s great to see the mixed age interactions, leadership and tolerance development in the older children.

Waffle batter assembly, making and eating war was certainly another highlight of the day. As expected, many chose to layout the kitchen at free play and much cooking and eating was accomplished. Carol singing at group time was another highlight. We will continue to practice our 3 carols that we sung today.

As shared, it will be art, music and cooking next week. Looking forward to the merriment not that we are not merry on any given day!!

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday.

PS: we love making waffles and we love to be together ‘hug moment’ in the classsroom today