We all earned a bye bye!

Day 2 of the visit went well and at the end, all of us heading to the Gazebo Park earned a bye from the departing Ria. She is a quiet watcher, is demonstrating good self-comforting abilities...the kids noted that the crying was not as much today. As Ria continues to come through next week, she will get comfortable with the crew and the routines.

Post evening snack, it is free play time where I typically don’t direct the play. Most of it is spent pretending many different roles. Lately, it has become ‘Party time’ which often has to be delayed for those who have not finished their snack and are trying to wrap snack faster to join ‘The Party’. I am told one has to dress up and dance. Often music is played if requested and I encourage them to also make up songs.

For next week, the plan is to do more art and cooking to catch some holiday cheer together. We talked about the school break and the new year coming up when we will restart the cycle counting from January month! We will sing some carols...I’ll dip into my childhood memories aided by YouTube for them :) Holidays are time to celebrate with family, recognize the year elapsed and the start of another year.

Friday and holiday cheers start tomorrow with waffle making!







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