Little Ria With Big Girls

Just looking at the height difference makes one realize how much growth children experience in the 1-3 age group. 75% of our brain is developed per studies by age 2 and 90% brain capacity is developed by age 5. The most rapid development is from birth to age 3. It is one of the reasons I am interested in working with 18 months and above as we expand. Ria is the first young toddler to join our Circle! Even in a span of 2 hours in a new environment, she made simple connections like holding a napkin for comfort when upset. I always find that seems to work.

Overall, the first visit went well and the children were great hosts. They interacted with Ria, tried to bring her things to play with and hovered around while she was upset. They naturally wanted her to be happy and she did settle as Circle time progressed and went back home without tears. Teacher Vrinda was very appreciative of her wonderful and thoughtful students. Each of them also commented how they don’t cry and can do things. As time will progress, I think they will soon realize how quickly Ria will also grow. They were most amazed that Ria needs to turn two :) Nothing like a younger child to put ones own age and stage in perspective.

As a treat for being great hosts, we took extra time and went out for a walk after Ria left around 12:15 pm. They all love to walk/bike. Today was a walk day. It was actually a nice warmish sunny day.

Ria will continue to come between 10 am - 12 pm across this/next week and then part time in January until 1:00 pm. She will also be a full time student once settled in.

See you all tomorrow.






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