Finals over, Ria to start visits!

Semester 3 completed today...yeah!! With this semester, I have completed a total of 24 units between January to December. My goal of applying for a California ECE Director’s permit requires me to complete 8 additional units that also includes 100 hours of practical training in another program over a semester (6.5 hrs per week) and 2 additional administration units. I hope to complete these units next semester to apply for the permit. Along with full time work, this is as fast tracked as I can get. I am a believer in ‘walking the walk’. Incorporating and initiating the program, working on it on a daily basis with the children and each of you over the last 6 months is much more invigorating and coming through on our goals is even more critical. The classes solidify the existing foundation, add thought/reasoning, build confidence and educational credibility further. I hope to be a teacher training Director in time.

The search for a helper/aid continues and while there is one potential candidate, the expense I realize is significant. I continue to look for one that would be a better cost-benefit balance. I will have family backup next year too but this helper backup needs to be lined up especially if the license capacity increase is approved as desired.

Finally, starting tomorrow, Ria the 20-month old toddler starting part-time in January will start her visits. These will be 1.5 hr visits to gauge parental separation, program attachment and mixed age interactions. Ria will join in the 10:00 am - 11:30 am timeframe. I am sharing in case you hear from the children.

More tomorrow. FYI, here is the ECE Program Certificate classes lineup, completed are highlighted in green.






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