Birthday Party Traditions

Over the years, I found that my kids grew up to expect 3 birthday parties as I am sure will each of our kids here:

1. School Birthday Party - This is celebrated at school within the school/classroom with all class members, teacher(s) and if possible the child’s parent(s).

2. Home Birthday Party: This is with immediate family and family friends. 3. BIG Birthday: This is the planned big event that kids start to look forward to...involve them in deciding the eats, guest list, venue, activities so they get exposed to and await the event. Kids love to plan and be part of the cooking, putting return gifts together etc.

We celebrated Avni-Vani’s School Birthday Party today. 

Our traditions are to have a home treat contribution, for the class to cook a treat together and to read the birthday book. We will add a new one...compile 10 pictures of the child in a digital album that we can share at school with the kids as a group. It will make them remember they were a baby once and their top 10 moments thus far.

Thank you very much for the breakfast of petite cup cakes, scrambled eggs and puff pastry topped with plain cream cheese + berry trio. Puff pastry was new to the kids and all food items were consumed across breakfast and morning snack. We made Carrot Cake today as a group. Kids loved seeing carrots get grated and then of course making the cake. Most went home with their cake to enjoy for later and some cakes are waiting to be taken and consumed! There are no nuts in the cake.

Birthdays come once in a year and deserve the celebration no matter the age. I read that girl birthdays were not celebrated until 12th century and in some places is still diminished which is sad. So here, we do support recognizing the year increment and all the accomplishments it naturally entails with food.

Having consumed sugars, tomorrow is a perfect day to spend on some healthy sugar talk :)






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