Happy Birthday, Avni-Vani!

Early 3rd birthday wishes from all of us here at Avid Kids Circle to Avni and Vani. We are so glad we were all feeling better today, that we could play together, kick off winter and your birthday month ‘December’...the last month of the year!

We stayed indoors, played a lot, rested, enjoyed learning to spread butter on our toasts with our spoons, eating hash browns and baked beans which is made from the white beans called navy beans.

The coughs and runny noses did make themselves known off and on but the crew remained spirited, drank lots of water (the best medicine along with rest) and essentially together are building each others ‘immunity’...they found immunity to be a funny word.

We look forward to celebrating Avni-Vani’s birthday at school on Monday, 9:00 am onwards. Please plan to have your children eat breakfast here at school. Then the plan is to bake healthy cup cakes together for morning snack.

Have a wonderful weekend and children, rest a lot!







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