Winter is here!

Look Look...was the cry from a student while on our Outdoor walk today....all the leaves from that tree have is time for winter! It was really great to see the connection made with the class shares and the visual proof outdoors. All the kids noted the tree and agreed. Tomorrow is November 30th which I have termed as the last day in Fall and we can definitely call the season switched into winter. We now have our proof :)

 They also noted a little mushroom colony on their walk today and I shared that these are wild mushrooms, not edible. They should not eat them and always wash their hands after touching them. We did that on our return. Getting mushrooms from the store is what we do since we cannot distinguish edible and non-edible mushrooms which can make us sick.

Winter = Dark + Cold

Winter also means picking colds/coughs/flu. Today, the classroom had exposure to some cough and also fever. Please do give warm baths, healthy eats and rest to the children...look out for any symptoms developing. I wish health and immunity to all of us through the winter flu season!







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