From Pirates to Magnets!

What a fun morning it was in the classroom today.

While 2 students were at the dentist, our other 2 started the day playing with the pirate ship set which has some magnetic elements to it. The play brought forth the question ‘How does the shark catch fish?’. The deduction was that ‘It can do it upside down!’. 

Well...long story short, the shark was not going upside down but instead below its wooden mouth, there was a little magnetic point which connected with the Fish....they stick. So why does Fish stick but not other things?

We journeyed and experimented with what else sticks on the shark, ie the magnet. As you may have seen in the videos, the children next made a better deduction, ‘Metal sticks to Magnets’ but providing more metals to experiment with brought the realization that not all metals stick....hmm. We ended up learning through experimentation that Magnets stick to itself or a metal whose name is iron but not to other metals whose names were brass, silver or copper. Magnets also do not stick to wood, pompom or plastic. Teacher Vrinda will retain the experiment /activity tray so the experimentation can be re-enacted at will and children can try more mediums and add to it on their own. With the curiosity aroused, the ‘What else sticks?’ question continued on and I am sure will across days. It has already caught the attention of the younger students who were busy trying out also to join the talks. 

It was also fun to work together to spell and note our experiment results...shared below. Being able to break sounds to spell and self-record results on paper was exciting for the kids as was making the checkmark or cross :)

Children as we see can sponge over extended period of time when a topic sparks and they are learning with interest! Teacher Vrinda is already planning on making word cards to put in the activity tray so they can read and match to objects to encourage literacy.

To more discoveries and experimentation...until tomorrow...






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