it everyday?

While every holiday and special days are special, they help us as a society give recognition to a variety of persons, groups, things or aspects, we also have to recognize the commercialization that inevitably surrounds the special days. So, do we celebrate or do we not, does Thanksgiving have to be about turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries or pie and sugar or is it about family, celebrating with whatever a family’s favorite foods and activities are, recognizing our interdependence not just over 4 days but each and everyday? We here at Avid Kids Circle lean to the latter. I have been talking to the children a little about the upcoming Thanksgiving Holidays escaping the history and the typical foods or to do so as to not bias young minds. As with any holiday, we recognize it as a time to take a break with family, spend it doing what the family loves to do and giving thanks is not restricted to just the holiday but needs to be an everyday thought.

We are building our traditions. As is the spirit of the program, the children and me as staff will together define our Wednesday and celebrate with food and eats. Our menu for the day may change, we shall decide tomorrow.

Meanwhile, today was enjoyed and we were thankful to be able to go to the Green Park. Avi joined us as a chaperon too on the trip. Teacher Vrinda is wishing for her wheels (rollerblades!)...the walks are getting brisker with the additional set of wheels. Ria, the toddler to join the program in January visited today with her mom and grandma. Sharing in case you hear about it from the kids and wonder. I have a feeling her addition will make our current set all feel like older siblings even if they are not at home!

Until tomorrow...please check Brightwheel for the individual/group updates for the day. 

I caught them all in this picture...3 pretending to be in the cave busy counting how many doors the cave has while 1 was busy mastering her pedaling.






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