Yeah, Sunny Friday!

It was a super busy day esp morning. It was like the sun pumped in some extra energy. Between the hide and seek puzzle game, sounds, words, puzzles, writing, numbers, lacing...many activities were indulged in. The walk after a rainy, wet winter day was cherished. We stayed close to school and while on the walk to the bay lookout watched a whole flock of geese cackling together for some time. The wild life around us can be quite amazing. We stood around as a group guessing what the geese may be saying...’Come here...let’s play together...what are you doing’. The children described the family members that may be in the flock...Grandma, grandpa, Nani, mom, dad, sister, brother, Teacher....I was heartened to be included too :) Raisa joined in for part of the outside time which was fun. Pancakes and scrambled eggs were enjoyed along with cucumbers. Cucumbers are preferred over tomatoes and plain scrambled eggs are preferred over vegetable egg scramble. I was given the memo :) Rest, snack, more play, some sideyard running and another day slipped away. 

Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday. 






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