Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Fall seems to be wrapping up quickly. Today was certainly a cold, wet, winter day! The children were disappointed they could not bike or go to a park since it was too wet but we did step out bundled up to brave the light drizzle. Under the protection of the Octagon Gazebo which is dry, we enjoyed the rain element a little, played ready, set, go or Freeze and also did some stretches. We were back in the classroom in 25 mins so as to not overexpose ourselves. Enjoy the little clip of them enjoying the rain. We were careful not to wet ourselves other than some wetness on the hats or the outer layer.

While indoors, we did our individual work, played, worked on puzzles, crafted play dough, colored, read and more. There isn’t a spare minute. The weather is certainly nap-amenable! The kids often commented is it night already during the day.

Weather for tomorrow shows sunny vs rain which I am sure the kids will be happy about...assuming it does not change. 

See you all tomorrow.







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