White Board Art

A lot of time today morning was spent on the whiteboard just doodling/drawing. It started with seeing a heron in the morning and I happened to just sketch one to show how to make a rough sketch of it. The one in the picture is Alexandra’s sketch of it which was then given feathers. Aria drew a baby Heron and more. Enjoy the short video captures of the descriptions/discussions. Avni-Vani absorbed it all along with me. Vani did her own doodle after but was quick to erase. It was a fun morning. 

They are all trying to visualize what they see or trying to put what they have in mind on any medium...white board as was the case today or paper on other occasions. You can see the coloring within the lines and also outlining developing. I like to see them come up with their own outlines rather than giving pre-printed pictures. I feel that helps them try to think and create.

Today the children rode their bikes for 45 mins on a round trip loop from the school to the Gazebo Park, Bridge, Tree Park, Left Lookout Point and back. It was a test of continuous riding for our new cyclers...longer than their 3 lap limit at the Gazebo Park thus far. They did it!! Another tricycle and we would be set to all journey on wheels. It is hard to get all of them off their wheels. Glad to see them develop their motor skills and muscles.

The weather and the activity had the kids sleeping cozily in the afternoon followed by snack and some more outdoor stretching.

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