Environment, Interest, Practice

There is no denying the multi-fold increase one sees in ability and skill through environment creation, interest development and repetition or practice. This is true no matter the age. Exposure and practice bring continuous improvements. The newest example is the uptick in the tricycle speed on just day 2 as you must have seen in the videos for even the newest learners. It is great to see determination and the simple thrill of ‘I can’. I see the same even in the bicycle riding duo who have taught each other and share the same thrill of ‘I can’. ‘I can’ see our children riding bicycles on 2 wheels to their kindergarten classes! 

Even indoors, the children are continually working to master the materials or routines they are exposed to. They listen, take interest, practice and most of all ‘try’. I tell them, that is all the ask...try even if sometimes the head says nah.

Each one of them is working to sleep independently at nap without intervention or help and are quite proud that they do. Please do commend them working on sleeping by themselves in addition to getting their sleep mats, rest mats, laying it and overall being great helpers in the classroom to Teacher Vrinda.

Ours is an environment where our learning topics evolve from conversations, interest and also some directed work to develop base language, verbal and cognitive competencies to build for kindergarten. We are always working on sounds and connecting with sounds being learnt in our daily talk/vocabulary. Rhyming words and phonological games are fun to indulge in when you have time or are reading with them.

I hope you enjoy this little poem developed in class on a whim as a child said they were trying to make a Nothing song last week. I have it posted on the board but also wanted to share here. It uses all the emotions we try to keep at bay. We have been singing it as a group this week in the ‘How are we feeling...’ part of our calendar updates. Sing it with them...

See you all tomorrow.







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