Benefits of Tricycling...

As we add two more tricycle enthusiasts today, I thought I would share a short write up on the benefits of tricycling...something to introduce as early as age 2.

Tricycles Teach Children

Outdoor time today was spent at the Gazebo Park for an hour as the children rode laps on their bicycle/tricycle along with playing frisbee, t-ball, ball catch and lastly stretching. Developing motor independence is good for kids physically, socially and emotionally. Be aware that with wheels comes responsibility too and as we add two young tricyclers, we are intentionally taking laps at the Gazebo Park so they can develop their skills and confidence for going greater distances. There was much determined effort to catch up on these skills given the strong role models in the peer group. Within an hour there were familiar ‘I can do it’ calls...a joy in building and discovering the abilities.

The plan for this week is to continue to spend time in the Gazebo Park, gauge the development and then venture further. Meanwhile, there is much excitement over the added Trike among all.

Art was enjoyed as a group too along with puzzles and other individual work. Rest went well especially after all the exertion.

See you all tomorrow!






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