Have a good weekend!

Today slipped by between the morning play, work, group, outdoor time and more. Children and I are glad to have company in our outdoor walks and play. Nani’s friend Jennifer visited the school today and joined in the loop walk too. You will spy her in the video at the Sand Park. She is known, a resident of RWS who hails from Phillipines.

The rainy weather induced me to switch and serve warm samosa-chole (garbanzo beans curry) along with buns, onion-tomato-lettuce salad with lime and tamarind chutney. We will try different filling variations in the samosa over time. Tamarind chutney was licked up and a surprising hit.

Kids have all resumed self-sleeping which I am glad about.

Tomorrow Teacher Vrinda will be Mommy Vrinda attending the high school parent conference, shadowing her younger son in the morning at his school and then has to catch up on administration! There is never a dull moment in our lives.

I look forward to having the crew back on Monday. Have a restful weekend.







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