Fun with Trouble!

Kids are getting more observant. One realized in the morning that there are games that have not been tried. In the course of the day, the contents of a game called ‘Trouble’ generated her curiosity. We got together during the evening during choice/free play time to learn about the game. Soon the entire group got into made for a fun evening time especially with darkness setting in.

Trouble is a variation of Ludo and goes by different names in different countries. In North America Parcheesi, Sorry, Aggravation are all variations of the same Trouble/Ludo board game. The original game is called Pachisi which originated in India ( 

At this age, the game reinforces recognition of numbers 1-6 on the dice, learning to count places to move the peg/counter, tracking their pegs and learning simple rules of play. Let’s see if the game fascination continues.

Outdoor time has been cold in the mornings. Today we just went for a walk to the lookout point right behind the school and then came back to play in the Gazebo Park. Along the way we found a new nest in the Tree Park and sadly a tree has also been cut there which made us a little sad.

Children are certainly being thrown off by the early darkness. I have been sharing that during winter the sun spends more time in the southern hemisphere or lower part of the earth and so our days have become shorter and nights longer.  

Until tomorrow. Play board or card games with kids when you can!






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