Teacher Nani (Grandma)

If you hear about Teacher Nani from the kids, they are referring to Aria’s grandma. She joined us in our outdoor time today at the Green Park and we all enjoyed her spirited company. 

Nani, thank you for your time so that the children can have the benefit of two adults when possible on the outdoor trips. Indoors, our children are very independent, great at cleaning up after themselves and making minimal messes. I am proud of each of them. Nani’s help in the one area where having 2 adults is better than one is much appreciated. 3 generations interacting in the program and community is one of my goals for Avid Kids Circle. Each generation has so much to offer. Picture of the day shared below.

Popcorn making was fun again. Running anything on the kitchen counter vs the floor at kids level isn’t allowed by the troops. We enjoyed Lavash at lunch and cauliflower has endeared itself to many kids. Teacher Vrinda loves to hear what the kids love to eat. This is the age to give them food diversity so they eat with relish and feel that they can cook too. 

After evening snack the kids decided to have playdough time. Enjoy their short capture...there were many things made and remade.

Daily activity is captured in Brightwheel.

See you all tomorrow!







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