Pizza Making, New Materials and Donations

The comfort and joy of participating in cooking continues to increase. The key today was noting the reaction of yeast, honey and warm the mixed liquid triples in volume and becomes frothy within minutes. Yeast is key to making pizza and bread. The dough was made together, it swelled and then we made pizza from the risen dough. The meal was finished quickly and a restful afternoon followed after all the cooking exertions.

As the children are growing and increasing their learning, new material is added to the classroom at the start of each month.

1. Montessori Hundred Board and Activity Set - It comes with 100 numbered tiles to familiarize and place, notice patterns on the number board. There is suggested activities that can span beyond preschool levels. The board has already been put to use.

2. Magnetic Bug Catching Board - kids were quick to find it this morning and have been playing with it, learning or reciting bug names, trying to catch them without holding the magnetic roll. I was informed “It is not so easy to catch bugs!”. This expands motor and physics activities.

This month, we received material donations. Thank you Aria and family for the puzzles and activity sets. The children are so excited to use them. In Aria’s words...”They are easy, I know all of them”. I am sure soon more kids will be chorusing that and learning from each other. The alphabet train and animal babies puzzles, bear family, pattern matching and dress up activity sets will become visible in our daily play.

Donations of educational material which may have been mastered and outgrown at home are very welcome.

Daily activity details are in Brightwheel logs.

See you all tomorrow!