Time change, winters imminent !

Lights needed to be switched on by 5pm. Children talked about getting dark already. They will get used to it in a little...we talked about the time change making it darker even earlier. The last 5 months have flown and I am sure the next 5 will too with so many events and 3 birthday celebrations!

The usual class activities continue. Outdoor time today was a lot of fun with all walking to the Blue Park and back. It is a 12 minute walk each way. We did it walking, sprinting, holding hands and singing. The walk is always such a special treat. Our youngest 2 were pretending to be sleeping sea lions.

Peas, cucumbers and boiled eggs for lunch are enjoyed by all. Cinnamon Raisin oatmeal is gobbled by some and talked into others. 

Our nap meter reached 80% with determined effort and reminders. Self-sleeping this week is being harder for all. Let’s see how we do next week with the time change.

FYI, our after-schooler got place in the onsite program so the kids will find her missing next week onwards. It was a good learning experience. Every connection somehow has a way of adding up.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy another day of DST.







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