Higher energy levels

The energy level has just been higher in the classroom this week. A general higher exhuberance remains and the ability to nap has not returned to 100% level...today was 60% of the classroom. That said, we had a productive work session and in fact extra work session for the non-nappers. Garden digging and yard biking/runs did not seem to get all tired so the thought is to try a long bike/walk tomorrow. As the kids are getting older, there is also monitoring of others sleeping and fighting one’s own rest needs.

Hopefully, by tomorrow the Halloween thrills would have worn off further and we will have a calmer day :) 

Keeping it a short note today and a reminder to let me know if a conference is desired and which early evening would work for you around mid-November. 30 mins prior to a pickup time would likely be sufficient. Between all the digital shares and conversations, while the inputs are being made, a sync up might still be valuable.







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