Nap Boycott

Today the entire crew boycott nap so Teacher Vrinda hopes for an early dinner and evening. It is likely post Halloween euphoria and also in general all are getting older where one non-sleeping and moving body keeps the others wakeful too. All of them handled the missing nap all right, spent more time working individually.

The key event today was a change in month which made for an interesting group calendar time. As a group, we laid out the November dates by day. We said goodbye to Halloween-October and Hello to November.

Outdoor walk to the Green Park and back also involved noting the cleared decorations...bye bye itsy bitsy spider, bye cat, bye ghosts, bye witches and so many more. 

This was likely their first conscious Halloween and in the past 2+ weeks they have learnt so many characters and aspects of the celebration that were not in the vocabulary at all. The passing months and events are making the notion of Time more concrete and while they don’t fully comprehend a year, the puzzle pieces are being recognized.

Time does not stand still. With November in place, the next event that kids are awaiting is Avni-Vani’s 3rd Birthday in December...the topic was brought up during calendar group time. While we as adults may think about Thanksgiving, that isn’t concrete and associated as yet by the children.





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