Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

Dr Seuss reminds about the cycle of days with these lines!

Speaking about tomorrow/Halloween:

1. The intent is to keep the scary out and fun in. 

2. To re-iterate, dressing up or not is totally up to the family and child, it is not mandated. Costumes can be ones that kids would like to wear and pretend being multiple times as part of play. I will have some mock hats and props around for them to play with should they wish.

3. The street we are on is quite a Halloween happy one.  Please watch out when coming in and drive slow. This would be a good place to trick-n-treat with the kids though parking will be an issue unless early. The bell starts to ring from 5:30 pm onwards. All around Embarcadero here is a busy Halloween neighborhood. Dory Ln off Marlin park is another one.

We enjoyed outdoors and indoors today as shared via the captures. We worked individually, read the Halloween book and safety tips, saw all the new Halloween decorations on the way to park and back, ate, rested and enjoyed free play.

The plan for tomorrow is to bake a banana bread, make some paper cutouts, enjoy being our characters and talk and learn more about them.

See you all tomorrow!






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