Get Well Soon - Alexandra and Raisa

The classroom was certainly quieter yesterday. We do hope that both Alexandra and Raisa join back on Monday after a weekend of rest. There is a runny nose, sneezing bug with potential for fever that is going around though the strain seems mild. Teacher Vrinda has been consuming Emergen-C to keep clear. Please ensure the children get lot of rest, eat well and stay hydrated.

We enjoyed some craft and painting yesterday. A Halloween inspired pumpkin cutting work now dresses the classroom entrance. We read a Halloween book that had safety tips for a safe Halloween. 

Speaking of Halloween, please plan on sending the kids in their costumes on Tuesday. I do encourage natural characters rather than fictional, self-made costumes by getting creative are lots of fun and here in the classroom, we do say no to masks, painted faces, anything scary or gory. The children should enjoy the role play and think about why they want to be what they want to be in a positive way.

We went to the Green Park for play and frisbee throws. The game as you can see now is to try and throw the frisbee to each other. It is interesting to see them start to develop that next level. It takes more motor coordination and is needed prior to attempting catches. Watching Julia play and catch seems to have them trying too.

After a filling lunch (French Toast with Ketchup, tomatoes and baked beans) which was enjoyed by all and a longer rest break, there was a sketch session with Julia where kids watched her sketch on paper. She is quite an amazing artist as a young third-grader and very much our Artist in Residence. We also enjoyed meeting Mika and Hana who came for a visit with their mom.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday!






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