‘M’ for Miso, Mango, Milk

Mmmmm...for Miso, Mango and Milk....oh so yummmy.

One of our classic classroom game is to sound words and make connections with the sound in our daily lives. Children will suddenly make a connection and then excitedly share with Teacher Vrinda or vice versa. This connection and thought is a base for reading and writing development. A child in class today excitedly said F for Fone and so we talked about how ‘ph’ is also ‘F’ sound and in writing we use ‘phone’. Once all the basic sounds are known and letter recognition is concrete for a child, do point out sound anomalies at home while reading to your child at night. Taking turns to read 1 word is a great way to build the confidence to read and then build from 1 word to 2 words and more.

We continue to make daily discoveries through our indoor activities, foods or outdoor experiences. Enjoyments today spanned consuming miso flavored soup/beans/tofu/noodles, mango and milk, throwing balls and experiencing their bounce on cement, noting that balls do not bounce in grass or on wood chips and lacing beads courtesy Julia bringing in some activity beads and laces to share with the kids. 

See you all tomorrow on Fun Friday!






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