‘P’ for Pineapple and Picnic

The highlights today were:

1. Engaging with the Pineapple fruit, noticing it’s scaly skin, watching it being peeled to get to the sweet and juicy yellow fruit, noticing the many brown eyes that have to be cored sometimes.

2. Enjoying a picnic lunch and being amazing helpers in loading the picnic cart. Teacher Vrinda handed boxes of foods, napkins, salt, pepper, tablecover, asked them to count plates, take the water bottles etc. They put all the things in the cart...all  organizing and loading of the cart was done by the children and not Teacher Vrinda. Please do admire their loading skills! We set up and enjoyed sitting outdoors making our sandwiches. The downside was that the tree park green was over watered and messed our shoes. The wet grass attracted some flying insects. Our plan is to try the Octagon Gazebo next time.

The nap was restful after all the excitement. With snack and free play, another day slipped away.







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