I like cabbage a lot, I love popcorn, I like everything..a chorus of me too!

Comments like those are my daily incentive to ensure kids at these young ages try all foods! Healthy and diverse nourishment is the core of Avid Kids Circle program and community. Air-popped popcorn is crunchy and healthy. All kids ate their salt-pepper sautéed cabbage or carrots without any prodding...do try them at home. Steamed Potstickers are very much enjoyed...they found them similar to pasta which they are right on!

To balance the nourishment, exercise is so important and another pillar. We have a budding bicyclist in the last 2 days and it is nice to see kids share their transports and develop new movement skills. We also reinitiated another tricyclist who shows promise! It was hot today in the morning or evening but it did not diminish the spirits.

We read a 'A Big Surprise' Bob The Builder story, worked and played individually or as a group. Another day cycles away!

Bright Wheel is garnering good feedback which I am glad to hear. Let's continue the evaluation...keep the feedback coming. Play with the notification settings to determine what works for you. 

Reminder, we will be having a picnic lunch tomorrow of sandwiches, fruit and lime infused water.







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