I am going to school!

I hope the longer weekend break was rejuvenating for parents as much as it was for the kids and Teacher Vrinda!

The socio-dramatic play during school and especially at the Green Park was around the 'I am going to school!' theme. If there is one thing I wish, it is for this energy and enthusiasm to stay with them....I would consider it a job done! Do view a small video capture of the children on the play structure naturally play acting their bye's and calling out that they are going to school! Mama Vani called out, 'Okay, I am going to work' as the parental response to the byes :) Versions of that were reenacted a few times. There was an extra enthusiasm for the biking/walking/playing, running around holding hands which was sweet to watch. 

Per some, we want to go to the park, we want to bike and walk...they missed their schedule and together time. We talk a lot about how things cycle...days, weeks, months, years...their time together too!

Birthdays and parties remain another oft-repeated socio-dramatic play. They all love to party and in some ways their best day is when they can just play and play and coming to school feels like a party. I do encourage parents to see if they can take turns once in a while to host the small group, watch them play together, enjoy the company. The social outlet via play dates outside of birthday parties would be nice for the children to experience when possible. Blocks were reconstructed into cakes and we had a birthday party today evening.

Overall, a fun day for Teacher Vrinda and her preschoolers! Individual work, reading (Five Silly Monkeys, The Hungry Caterpillar), playing, eating, gardening, biking/walking and being outdoors summarizes the day.

I hope parents take the time to try out Brightwheel. Having an extra day allowed Teacher Vrinda to do the setup. I would like to hear your feedback on the activity trails over a period of time. I will also get a chance to evaluate the effort to the combined value.

See you all tomorrow.







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