Festivals, Celebrations and Traditions

As an opt-in family and community, I would very much like to extend home cultures and celebrate communally. As parents, please do let me know days, foods, values or traditions that are special to your family and how we can enrich and share these within the community.

Today, it was special to enjoy a Diwali-inspired day full of fun, art, eats. 

In art, we tried making little feet which are very common when making Rangoli (colorful patterns) to decorate the home for Diwali. The children dipped their fists in water colors and made little feet on paper. Next they dipped their fingers in paint to dot toes. It is a simple pattern but one that works on coordination, counting and of course as one grows the placement starts to show more thought, pattern and structure.

In eats, we ate a traditional Indian festival meal of Puri, Aloo-Matar (Potatoes-Peas) Vegetable and Chole (garbanzo bean curry) with sliced cucumber. For snack, they enjoyed milk/yoghurt and Jalebi (Indian Crispy Funnel Cakes), banana/guava. Puri is by far a favorite and Jalebi-Cucumber a close second.

Fun moments included a trip to Green Park where the children became little lions and chased each other or an impromptu music and dancing session where the kids danced to a bollywood song (Tukur Tukur) and then we branched into songs that all kids know. 

Enjoy the 3-day weekend with your little ones...I look forward to seeing everybody on Monday! Thank you for accommodating the morning hour today.







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