Bird Watching and Drawing

Today morning post breakfast, we trooped outdoors into the foggy morning to see the ducks, cranes, herons (I think!) up close. The Herons/Egrets are so beautiful and they come in the morning but then we don't see them later in the day as much. We went with some paper and color pencils to try and capture the bird. Teacher Vrinda is not an artist but as an artist friend wisely said, just sketch what your eyes see and hand draws :) I sat along with the kids, we sketched and I tried to show how I was drawing the lines...assisted some who wanted. We have some penguin fans. It was a fun outing. 

I have been talking to the kids about birds migrating in winter. If anybody is a bird enthusiast...please do share...we would love to learn. 

On returning, we did indoor activities like calendar, reading (Puffin Is Back Reader 1 Book) and individual work.

For lunch, kids enjoyed tearing their lettuce, taking turns to distribute bread, cheese, tomato, onions. They stacked their sandwich for me to grill. It was a longer lunch and the kids ate well.

Post rest and snack, a puzzle table evolved with each kid enjoying working on their puzzle(s).

We will start the late day tomorrow most likely with outdoor time to get kids to part easily after a delayed start.






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