Yeah, Outdoor Time Again!

The children and I were happy that our Air Quality at 41 is back in the green zone. Opening the windows and stepping outdoors again after a few days felt so liberating. The Green Park vs Pine Cone Walk debate was won in favor of the Pine Cone Walk to the Sand Park. Kids noted that the lagoon waters were murky and postulated why...maybe the ducks are dirtying it? At the Sand Park, they played sans sand toys...good old body workout. We returned back via the road which is longer but the kids like to loop. They enjoy the flower gardens in some homes and also note the Halloween decor already up in many homes. Our neighborhood attracts Halloween crowds.

Time was spent on individual areas of work/interests. We did calendar work and read the 'Tale of Peter Rabbit' in the morning and 'Young Hanuman' in the evening. 

Many kids are fascinated by Hanuman who in Indian Mythology is a Monkey God and a devotee of Ram...both are key figures in the Diwali festival stories. Indian Mythology like Greek Mythology has many gods and goddesses, each representing some aspect of life, elements and powers. We do not indulge in it much. Lately, Young Hanuman has received interest and was also being compared with Superman :) It is interesting to hear kids reason. Sharing in case you hear about Hanuman/Ram and wonder.

In nutrition/science, kids were exposed to cabbage vegetable. We 'dissected' it and noted the layers of leaves. The kids enjoyed peeling many leaf layers and Teacher Vrinda chopped the leaves for a quick sautéd warm cabbage salad to go along with Cheese Ravioli and veg/chicken sausages. Sautéd cabbage was enjoyed and there was a round of 'I like cabbage a lot!'...words very much appreciated by Teacher Vrinda!

More explorations will continue tomorrow.






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