Fun, Fun and More Fun Friday

We continued our indoor stay since Air Quality at 104-121 is still in the unhealthy territory though better today than yesterday. 0-50 is considered good.

While indoors, we had lots of fun across morning and evening.

Our morning started with seeing Taro Root/Arvi, noting its color (brown), hairy skin and when pealed, the white flesh. We learnt it is a root vegetable like potato. Kids saw Teacher Vrinda peel, dice the taro root and then mix it with more to bake with salt, pepper and coriander seed powder.

We played with soft toys and then used our animal cards to match the animal to the card. We also classified if the animal is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Calendar work was followed with reading some soft books and 'Thomas and The New Tracks'. We did some individual number/sound work.

For lunch we made popovers and whipped butter. The children poured the ingredients, counted eggs and helped mix up the batter. Watching the popovers transform from a liquid batter into popovers is very exciting. Butter can be whipped too we learnt today. 

Post rest and snack, we enjoyed some puzzles and play dough time. The kids do a lot of spontaneous singing and make up two were captured through writing ( at lunch) and during play dough.






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