Thrilling Thursday - It is getting smokier!

The fires are certainly not thrilling and very sobering. All the kids were talking today about the smell. We talked about forest fires causing the smoke. The doors and windows were kept closed and it was another day indoors.

Being indoors there was more time spent on puzzles, reading, singing rhymes with musical instruments, clay art, dancing some Dervish, playing head, shoulders, knees n toes and also individual work.

Lunch was enjoyed by all. It was a new middle eastern bread called Lavash eaten with hummus, grilled cauliflower, cucumbers and optionally chicken. Cauliflower is liked by all kids as is hummus. Lavash can be crisped like chips or eaten softer...we tried it both ways with lots of hummus.

We hope the smoke starts to clear though I am anticipating another day indoors tomorrow.

Rest the cold and cough and see you all tomorrow!






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