Wishful Wednesday - Pasta Making

It was a good day to be making pasta. We spent all day indoors due to the strong air quality advisory and noticeable deterioration in our air quality. I kept the windows closed today too out of caution.

A significant part of the morning was spent rolling out our pasta dough by hand and then on the hand crank pasta maker. The children chose to make different shapes and cut their own pasta vs using the machine to cut it in spaghetti/fettuccine form. We then boiled our pasta in individual batches which they consumed with tomato sauce and red/yellow bell peppers and cheese. The dough today was primarily a wheat flour one, more nutritious. Over time, we will try other variations like egg or spinach etc. Rolling out was most fun especially as the dough folds and thins. Wheat flour pasta is denser and also heavier. The kids all tried and gauged their consumption.

We worked, read (Zach's Alligator, Life in a Tide Pool), rested and played. 

Most kids are going through a bout of runny noses and cough while the rest of us are trying to stay hydrated and washing hands to keep ourselves infection free. Have children do steam inhalation to clear nasal passages and rest...I hope we can get over this round soon!

See you all tomorrow.







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