Terrific Tuesday - Pop goes the popcorn, pop-pop-pop

One terrific occasion was watching children enjoy seeing corn kernels turn into popcorn today for morning snack...we ate some healthy air-popped popcorn. I will show the simple contraption next time now that they have seen what it does.

Other fun moments were at the Green Park in the afternoon where Mama Vani was in action again along with kids repeatedly asking for food...'It is coming, you have to wait!'...sound familiar :-? They all got busy cooking and Teacher Vrinda had to try cake, spicy mango, sandwich, chilies and more. Lunch was being prepared for family. Mama Vani and her babies have me chuckling.

Reading 'Feeding Time', a book about what different animals eat and the times they do, we reviewed the concepts of vegetarian and non-vegetarians by classifying animals that are vegetarian vs not. 

We reviewed grains/carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins that are in foods. Our little table pantry is now updated with quinoa, yellow and purple corn, and different types of rice along with beans. The children feel the beans/grains and relate to it. We ate red beans, brown rice with peas-paneer or chicken in tomato cream

Sauce and grated radish. Radish was consumed more readily in grated form.

Individual and small group work/play was spread out. New work cards created are coming in handy for children to pick their jobs and also realize the multitude of activities they indulge in.

More tomorrow from our ever evolving classroom. It will be a busy morning as we make pasta dough, roll pasta, cut it, cook it and eat it. Stay tuned for the highlights.







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