Fun Friday - Which shadow is your child?

Have fun trying to recognize your child's shadow...of course if you looked at all the pictures, you will know the answer :) This is just some of the fun we had today while outdoors this morning/noon. Teacher Vrinda had the children notice their shadows. Mid-day, the shadows were right in front or right behind. It was fascinating to revolve and notice what our shadow does! We also played some shadow games like making deer, flying bird etc. We will continue to spend some time noticing our shadows when outdoors at different times of the day. Aside from shadows, we also had fun bouncing balls to each other, biking and taking turns scootering.

Maps continue to fascinate..."Where does this go, Teacher Vrinda?" The USA jumbo map puzzle was completed from yesterday followed by some "I spy" to find the northern states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Minnesota and Indiana. Teacher Vrinda's mom with 30+ years of geography teaching would be very impressed with our young scholars.

There was much self-initiated singing with musical instruments. Hope you enjoy the small capture. There was also some numbers and sound review, coloring and play dough time while indoors.

A week in October was completed today and we are ready to cycle to the next week...weekdays cycle as we continue to note at our calendar group time.

See you all next week on Monday!






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