Thrilling Thursday - Nice biking and thank you, Aria!

There was much excitement over Aria's new bike.Today's outdoor was biking focussed with the biking children taking laps around the Gazebo Park. Aria was gracious and shared her scooter with Avni-Vani who were thrilled with the opportunity to scooter today. Thank you, Aria for sharing!

Another thrilling activity was putting the World Map puzzle together initiated by our resident cartographer Alexandra. She had everybody working in putting the world map puzzle together. We noted India and China in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe (UK) where many of our families are from. The children related with the map and how we have to fly since these continents are far from each other across earth.

There is a new Montessori numerals and counter activity that was introduced and children worked with it today. It is versatile and can be used for number recognition, quantity association, arithmetic operations and we also used it to count up in 10s.

Lunch was vegetable noodles (onions, carrots, red bell peppers), tofu/shrimp with orange sauce and red radishes. Red radishes were new and pretty much eaten by all...4-5 thin slices. Noodles is a favorite and they all rotated and picked their fork to eat the noodles.

Usual rest, individual work and play was enjoyed across the day.

See you all tomorrow!






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