Wishful Wednesday - Puzzle Challenges

Today morning was spent with puzzles. Some new puzzles were tried and self-completed. "I did it!" is the gleeful sound at the end which is nice to hear vs "I can't!" especially as they challenge themselves on new puzzles and find they can complete it. We are comfortably spanning 25-50 piece puzzles in our capabilities. It is nice to see each child pay attention to the colors, shapes and the complete puzzle picture as they try to put it together again. While some trial and error is observed there is mostly attempts to look out for specific pieces that would fit.

We also worked on individual phonetic sounds, writing, coloring and gardening pre-lunch.

Focassia at lunch worked well for all kids. They found the name of the bread 'funny' and noticed it is like pizza. Cucumber and grated cheese was enjoyed too by all. Broccoli-Potato soup had a mixed response...some liked and went for seconds while others were trying to figure the green soup :)

Post lunch and rest, we headed outdoors to Green Park and enjoyed it. The day seems to finish so fast.

See you all tomorrow!







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