Terrific Tuesday - Turkish Dervish?

There were some fun moments in the classroom today. 

The day started with playing with the castle and cooking in their kitchen. The children made pasta, soup, carrots and peas for Teacher Vrinda while she in turn showed them Quinoa, Peas and Carrots cooking too. 

There was much singing in the classroom as you will see in the captures. The dancing with Twinkle Twinkle singing reminded Teacher Vrinda of the dancing/whirling Turkish Dervish. Today was a rare moment where YouTube was used to show a short clip of Dervish to the children. Then all of us danced to some Dervish music, crossed our hands on the shoulders like the white robed dancers to bow and just enjoyed whirling to the music. We stopped before it made us dizzy. Here is a short clip of Dervish shared....https://youtu.be/W_Km4j36khA.

After calendaring, individual work and snack, we headed outdoors. Today the festive mood lead us to the Sand Park for further enjoyment.

After so much excitement, we ate a healthy lunch of quinoa (no hands in quinoa like soccer...only spoon), carrots, peas and cooked moong sprouts.

Post rest there was much excitement and heightened spirits...it was terrific to have Raisa back to play with.

See you all tomorrow...enjoy some whirling Dervish with the kids :)







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