Merry Monday - Games we played

The highlight on Merry Monday was spending the afternoon trying some new games. We played slides and ladders with dice and counters. We noted the biggest ladder or slide and small ones too. We played with the dice and counted the dots on it, rolled it many times trying to get a 6 to start. It is not so easy to get a 6! We played with Connect 4 where the fun was filling the grid with counters and then watching them fall down when the gate is opened :) Teacher Vrinda looks forward to developing on more math, counting, numbers or logic with these games and their variants.

Outdoors involved a trip to the Green Park pre-lunch and then a Loop Walk around Green Park, Lookout Point and Tree Park in the evening.

At group time, we welcomed October and said bye to September. The months like weeks are cycling away! 'Dirty Harry' was read and enjoyed. 

The day was also spent on individual work, one of their favorite meals (Mexican), resting and most of all the company of friends.






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