Fun Friday - Peel Sweet Potatoes and Make Crepes!

Continuing with the share on beans, the children are noting the beans they are eating and seeing the vegetables they are consuming in raw form too. Hummus was made from Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans this week. They saw Zucchini, Tomato, Cucumber, Cauliflower and Sweet Potato in raw forms, saw what they look like from outside and inside. Some have seeds, some don't, some look like flowers, you can eat the skin too! Peeling Sweet Potatoes was demonstrated and the older kids tried the motion in assisted form out of interest.

We made crepe batter together, measuring the ingredients and then mixing them noting the speeds from 1-6 and then down from 6-1. Number 1 was noted on the cup measure too. All children enjoy making crepes and eating them. The maple syrup and whipped cream takes the enjoyment several notches up!

All children love setting the table with placemats, plates, cutlery and water. Please do have them help you out at home! They are learning that fork goes on the left while spoon goes on the right of the plate and their body. This helps reinforce their left and right side awareness.

We played, worked, dug our garden, sang, read a Noddy series book 'Bounce Alert in Toy Town', rested, ate and did everything healthy kids should. It was a Fun Friday indeed!

Have a wonderful weekend...see you all on Monday!






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